The Artemis Experience encompasses all aspects of school life outside of the classroom.

Replicating a UK independent school offer and applying it to an international school setting, The Artemis Experience can be found across four dimensions of school life:

  1. Co-curricular options offered at Artemis schools both on-site and off-site.
  2. Academies and adventures – Artemex
  3. Parent and community involvement in our school campuses.
  4. Offerings in the community in which our schools are not situated.


Inspiring passion, nurturing talent, building community!

Inspiring Passion

Co-curricular Engagement

This aspect of The Artemis Experience will give students the opportunity to flourish and to discover their passions.

Referring to activities as ‘co-curricular’ rather than ‘extra-curricular’ places greater emphasis on the importance of students’ participation in activities that are beyond, but complement, the regular curriculum and form part of a holistic approach to an all-round education. 

Co-curricular experiences are delivered in-school by school staff. Staff and students’ approaches to curriculum and co-curriculum should be in sync to encourage all students and staff to engage consistently with what is offered. It will be an expectation that staff offer at least one hour a week to the CCA programme across all three terms of the academic year.

Exploring Communities School

Academies, Adventures, Outreach



Artemex academies provide sporting, musical and dramatic academies and activity pathways for Artemis schools. They support and enhance the opportunities offered to students, their families, the community in which the school is situated and communities in which the school is not.

Our academies are delivered by professional and specialist staff, often internationally recognised, and outstanding individuals.  The intent is to drive a strong and distinctive culture and ethos for our students, and ensure that exceptional delivery standards are met. 

In some instances, Artemex staff will assist with the delivery of the curriculum where appropriate. An example of this may be that the Artemex Aquatics staff deliver curriculum swimming lessons to support the PE department.

ARTEMEX Adventures will look into enriching and rewarding trips both locally and abroad, and will work closely with the Artemis Promise to provide students with opportunities to experience global outreach projects. The Adventures will also define and show students how to reach their potential as global citizens.

Eco Friendly Campus



The Artemis Experience also focuses on Artemis families and the wider communities in which the schools are located. Utilising our world-class facilities, The Artemis Experience will provide opportunities for all to enjoy and have access to the school campuses that Artemis delivers.

We will aim to lease our facilities in the evening without there being overuse. Heads of Experience within the schools will assess local market value for costings and design an appropriate timetable for this.

Schools will aim to give back to the community where possible through the use of our facilities. An example might be the sponsorship of a local labourers cricket team who get to use the sports hall in the evening once a week at a significantly reduced fee, if not for free.

We will aim to support local businesses in our communities and provide them the opportunities to grow and use our facilities. Heads of Experience will support these various different ventures and communicate them with the school Principal and facilities/operations managers.