For the Future 

We believe that education for the next generation includes a responsibility to leave our children a better planet. As educators we must equip our students for life in the 21st century with an understanding of the impact that we as individuals, collectively as communities and broadly as society have on our planet.

As an organisation we must continuously strive to neutralise our impact on the environment, embed sustainable practices and learning in our schools and integrate them into the communities in which we operate.

As parents and educators we are standing up and making a promise, to deliver a better planet to our children, their families, the communities in which we live, and the communities where we do not. The Artemis Promise.




Differentiated through design.

At the design phase of new builds, and on through delivery and into operations we ensure that we maximise the sustainability and efficiency of our buildings.

For our urban redevelopments, we focus on the repurposing and regeneration of existing architecture.

We measure the carbon footprint of all our buildings and operations and invest in accredited nature-based solutions to ensure that we are, not only carbon neutral, but climate positive.

As an organisation we are actively pursuing B-Corp certification.

Eco Friendly Campus




At Artemis we deliver a range of internationally accredited curricula across our mixed ability schools.

However, we use the natural world as a filter for how we learn, making eco-stewardship a priority.

We integrate topic-based learning with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) so that they become an integral part of the children’s daily lives.

We aim to educate our children to be valuable, responsible global citizens, to be brave and to be active in creating a better planet and a more sustainable future.




Our schools will act as focal points serving our children, their families and the communities in which we live. Every Artemis School will sit at the heart of its own community.

They will, not only provide incredible education but also serve as a centre for the local community and its needs.

Funded by a one-day-pay scheme, matched by Artemis, the Artemis Foundation will have the funds and organisational capacity make a positive impact beyond the communities our schools serve.

Further, Artemis will over-staff our schools and the Artemis Foundation will deploy these teachers to support charities across the globe.

Exploring Communities School