About Us

We are a growing private international schools group. Our mission is to improve access to outstanding education by designing, delivering, opening, and operating new international schools.

Educating The

Whole Child

Fulfilment through discovery
and challenge.

We deliver incredible, whole child education focusing on academic rigour, universal values, individual growth, and multi-faceted development to enable our students to realise their full potential, build resilience and become responsible citizens of the world.




Each of our schools is singularly designed to meet the specific needs of the community in which they operate.

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all education programmes or the illusion of cookie-cutter school operations. We shape each school’s identity to meet the demands of the families we are serving.

We take pride in celebrating our schools’ individuality, just as a parent takes pride in the uniqueness of their children.

Our schools have one point in common: they are breaking ground in the most vibrant cities across Europe and across the Middle East.

A Team with



It takes a (global) village to educate a child.
The Artemis team has worked all over the world and across the education spectrum. Our expertise and experience bring fresh perspective to the opportunities for 21st century private education. We are united by a set of core values in our mission to improve access to outstanding education.