Our mission is to improve access to outstanding education by designing, delivering, opening, and operating new schools.

We combine the best educational traditions with cutting-edge education innovation.

We start, literally, at the drawing board: we design our schools from the ground up to maximise the learning experience.

We deliver exceptional facilities; we hire incredible staff and then we combine academic rigour with diversity of experience to enable our children to flourish.

Educating The

Whole Child

Fulfilment through discovery
and challenge.

Our schools focus on academic rigour, universal values, individual growth, and multi-faceted development to enable students to realise their full potential, build resilience and become responsible citizens of the world.

We focus, first and foremost, on the individual child and their family.

We deliver internationally accredited curriculums enriched by dynamic extracurricular experience. We graduate expressive, self-confident and critically minded individuals, with a solid foundation to flourish in higher education or life.



Motivated learning through
culture and inspiration.

Parents entrust their children and their children’s education, to us; we take this responsibility seriously.

Our schools combine inspirational facilities with student-centric design, world-class teaching staff who motivate and care for the students, and innovative technology that enhances the effectiveness of our teaching.

We build in quality at every level of the process, and we provide our Principals with complete operational support. We are non-selective and inclusive.  

Positive Student Relationships

Designing schools that are



Differentiated through design.

Our buildings are based on the latest developments in learning space design to enhance the effectiveness of our education. They utilise sustainable, future proofed architectural designs which are ecologically aware and environmentally friendly.




Facilitated through

We see technology as a powerful enabler for engagement. It facilitates higher quality classroom feedback, frees teacher time for increased student interaction, improves behaviour for learning and allows parents to be included in their child’s education.