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Nurturing the roots of sustainability
The opening of our first school, Northview International School in Doha, at the beginning of the academic year opened an exciting new chapter at Artemis Education. Welcoming our first students last month was the rewarding culmination of an ambitious project, from concept to completion. 

Taking a holistic approach to bringing eco-literacy to the fore

As educators, we take our responsibility to lead the way when it comes to sustainability seriously and the opportunity to inspire our children to care about their planet is exciting as well as daunting.  Taking a truly holistic approach to sustainability in everything we do and empowering our children to put the climate at the heart of their daily decisions, ensures these strong, resilient roots continue to flourish. Sustainability underpins, not only our physical foundations but how our children learn and how our exceptional educators teach. We do this through an innovative eco-curriculum.  

Our teachers use the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) as their framework and integrate topic-based learning blended with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); this allows our students to approach their learning through a natural filter. The SDG Challenge Series outlines global issues that bring sustainability, eco-awareness, and eco-literacy to the fore and enables our children to apply their knowledge, skills and understanding to contribute solutions to real-world problems.

Offsetting 110% of our carbon emissions to regenerate biodiversity worldwide

Where possible our energy-efficient buildings harness the power of our natural resources to keep our energy use and carbon footprint as naturally low as possible. We offset the carbon we create by investing in a range of nature-based solutions around the world using best-in-class third-party specialists to ensure longevity, diversity and biodiversity, geographic as well as product, and quality. In this way we increase climate resilience and protect the planet, allowing Artemis education to provide a truly carbon-positive education solution.

We are going beyond net-zero construction to balance the output of our schools and central operations. We do this by removing 110%+ of the carbon we create. We also identify areas of high impact and proactively look at ways to reduce these. 

Adapting our interventions to local circumstances

For each project that Artemis undertakes we look for a range of different solutions to reduce our carbon footprint and we create a comprehensive network of investments that look at varying interventions worldwide. Some examples are forest protection, wildlife conservation, tree planting, and mangrove regeneration.

Artemis has balanced the construction of Northview with nature based off-sets and we have calculated the ongoing carbon-cost of the operations of the school; these will be off-set each year ensuring the school is carbon-positive. We have invested in Brazil Nut Concessions in Madre de Dios in the Amazon, a world-class REDD+ [UN-backed framework: Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation] project focusing on rainforest conservation. It reduces deforestation in over 300,000 hectares of the Peruvian Amazon by providing a sustainable market for forest Brazil nuts and supporting the livelihood of 400 families.

At Artemis Education, we’re committed to bringing positive change in every way we can, through the children we teach, the communities we build and the legacy we leave. By nurturing the roots – that is, the next generation – we’re helping to do just that.