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The Leader of Learning Support is an empowering advocate for students with specific learning needs.Providing students with the tools, support and expertise to reach their full potential and celebrate difference.  

Reports to: Senior Master
Job type: Full time

Job Description


The Leader of Learning Support is responsible for leading and developing an innovative student inclusion and learning support department.

This whole school role is central to the promotion and protection of the inclusion of all students at The Lisboan.

The Leader of Learning Support will allow all students access to progress their learning through supportive policies, varied approaches to learning and pedagogy, specific scaffolds and frameworks for learning, a varied range of learning outcomes and participation activities for all students.

The Leader of Learning Support will provide professional leadership and management at The Lisboan to ensure that: 

  • promote equity in access to quality education
  • a positive and strengths-based environment is created for students and colleagues;
  • colleagues understand the importance of inclusion and learning support;
  • measures are implemented for identifying, assessing and removing barriers to learning;
  • resources are used impactfully;
  • learning needs are understood and celebrated;
  • students and colleagues are empowered to be open-minded and tolerant;
  • parents understand the roles and approach of the learning support department;
  • Individual educational plans are effective, well planned, measurable and tracked 


The Leader of Learning Support will be: 

  • knowledgeable and experienced in leading learning support for all members of the international school community;
  • able to take a strategic, whole-school, integrated approach learning support programmes;
  • a good communicator and coach;
  • an exceptionally good organiser;
  • current in the latest innovations in learning support for international school communities;
  • responsible for the successful delivery staff professional development;
  • a contributor to the parent workshop series;
  • a builder of relationships with external support providers

The Leader of Learning Support will be a member of the General Leadership team and line manage the learning support team that includes learning support teachers and assistants.  

Leading Pedagogy and Learning

The postholder will: 

  • lead Learning Support through the school;
  • provide pedagogic leadership for colleagues on all areas of learning support; 
  • create and implement individual education plans;
  • collaborate with colleagues on consistent approaches to student learning;
  • keep up to date with learning support developments, strategies interventions and resources, particularly in the EU, USA, Australia, UK, and Portugal;
  • provide support and assessment during the admissions process;
  • be aware of specific learning needs and how they impact students´ learning;
  • use a range of resources to identify students ‘next steps and the interventions needed;
  • use formal assessment to identify accommodations and areas of need.

Leading Self and Others

The postholder will: 

  • act as a role model by inspiring trust and confidence through their own practice;
  • collaborate closely with the Leader of Wellbeing to ensure that all student learning needs are met, including mental health and social and emotional needs;
  • play a key role in growing a culture within the school that promotes inclusion;
  • provide a channel of communication to the Senior Leadership Team, actively promoting initiatives and ensuring that information is communicated in a timely manner;
  • create a climate of high-quality professional dialogue, nurturing professional relationships, collaboration and supporting the professional growth of individuals to deliver learning support with confidence;
  • provide whole school professional learning; identifying and accessing school-based and external professional learning opportunities and incorporating the learning from these into induction and ongoing training;
  • lead colleagues, staff and students through the IEP cycle;
  • monitor student data on IEP software to inform student targets, and staff professional development.

Leading Community

The postholder will: 

  • as part of the IEP cycle, meet regularly with parents;
  • lead community parent information on learning diversities;
  • ensure that inclusion/learning support has a high profile throughout the school, for example, through presentations, poster campaigns, briefing bites, student focus groups and community collaborations;
  • establish, encourage, and maintain strong agency links with local, regional and international organisations;
  • create a Lisboan School network of specialists and outside agencies that could include speech and language, educational psychologist, occupational therapists, sensory centres etc;
  • Participate in / lead the Artemis Education Learning Support Professional Learning Community
  • participate actively and positively in operational and strategic meetings;

support school events and initiatives through attendance, active involvement and collaboration.

Leading Systems and Processes

The postholder will: 

  • work closely with the DSL, wellbeing lead, House Leaders and teachers across the school; 
  • line manage the Learning support department, including teachers and learning support assistants;
  • collaborate closely with the nurse service for students on individual health plans;
  • contribute to student-led parent conferences and case conference meetings;
  • contribute to the development of policies and procedures related to the inclusion; of all students;
  • use the school data management system to track student progress, monitor IEPs and safely store confidential documents and reports;
  • create effective and efficient learning support systems that include a clear IEP cycle and clear roles and responsibilities.

Requirements, Talents and Competencies

A Leader of Learning Support will typically: 

  • have at least 5 years of experience (Bachelor’s degree, recognised teacher qualification and a SEN qualification) 
  • be committed to their own ongoing learning and development   
  • be knowledgeable, experienced, and be able to apply research-based practices to a school setting
  • have outstanding communication skills
  • be able to collaborate with stakeholders in many different contexts   
  • display strong emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills to enable them to work effectively with students, parents, teachers, and other colleagues
  • project calm self-assurance, positive energy, and kindness 
  • develop personal growth in others.

The duties and responsibilities of this post may vary from time to time according to the changing demands of the school.

This job description may be reviewed at the reasonable discretion of the Principal in the light of those changing requirements and in consultation with the post holder.

The performance of the Leader of Wellbeing in these key responsibility areas is formatively reviewed over the year as part of the school’s professional growth process.  

Teaching Role

The Whole School Leader of Leaning Support will be required to teach at least one subject in their faculty area, according to the subject teacher job description. (Link here)

The Lisboan reserves the right to add to or amend this list at any time.

Exceptional circumstances may dictate that the post holder will be required to undertake other duties and responsibilities in order to maintain workloads and deliver a high quality service in certain areas. 

The school is committed to providing a high standard of safeguarding and welfare of children and expects all staff to follow this commitment. 

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